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Hi Heather,

I've set this page up with templates so that you can copy and paste text boxes, headings etc. You can either click the text box and then click 'Edit Text' when it comes up, or just double-click the text box.  

You can use the 'Editor Help Centre' (which is under 'Help' at the top of the page) to answer most questions about using WIX/updating the site, but if there's anything you're still unsure about feel free to get in touch with Fast Track Impact. I don't charge anything extra for quick changes/fixes. =)

One important thing you'll need to know is that the 'Line-up Research' and the Wellbeing Research' pages are currently hidden from the main menu - to make them visible just click the button next to them in the menu list at the top of the page in Edit mode, and then choose 'Show' from the list of options. 


Don't do that with the 'Guidance for Police', Guidance for Medical Professionals' and 'Team' pages though. They need to stay hidden, although your still able to open them the via the links on the 'Sexual Violence Research' page.

Anna Sutherland

Page Title


When you double click on a button in edit mode you'll see the option to change text and a text box to add a weblink. If you want the button to do something else just click on it once, and then click the link icon and you'll see all of the options.

To make the text smaller/larger click the design icon, then 'customise design', then 'Text' and you'll see the font size option


To add new publications you'll need to know how I did it as you won't find it in the Help Centre

To add a new publication you'll need to create a new light box for the Title, abstract, etc:

-Go to 'Pages'

-Click 'Light boxes' 

-Click the button an any publication light box and chose 'Duplicate'

-Fill in the information (just replace the existing text via copy-and-paste)

-Click the button at the bottom, and then click the 'change link' icon that'll come up

-type or copy-and-paste the new weblink (the weblink where the new publication is posted online) in the text box (make sure webpage is clicked in the list on the left)

-Next, go to the publications page, 'edit text' in the text box and add the text for the new publication/presentation.
-Finally, select all of that text, click the 'link' icon in the Text Settings box, choose 'light boxes' from the list, and then   just click the relevant light box.

-(You can also rename the new lightbox if you want by clicking same the button you used to duplicate one and then clicking 'rename'. I've just numbered them, but you can do what's easiest for you').

This is example text of the publication links

This text is 'Paragraph 3' in Themes (which is at the top of the 'Text Settings Box' which opens when you edit any text. The title is in 'small heading' text. 

(Im letting you know this because when you add a new link to the list it will only type in paragraph 3, for the title you need to alter the font yourself)

To add a Featured Article:


-duplicate the text and the arrow of an existing one (just click them and then click the duplicate icon in the tool bar),  and move them into the right place. By the way if you can't see the toolbar just go to 'Tools' and make sure the 'Toolbar' box is checked)


-Change the text

-Click the arrow

-Click the 'link' icon

-Type or copy and paste the new weblink

I know there's a lot of information here, but hopefully it'll mean you have as little trouble as possible. I really hope these instructions are helpful to you =)

© 2019 by  Heather D. Flowe, PhD